Key Players

CJ Zehnder, Founder and Executive Meeting Planner

CJ Zehnder

CJ Zehnder founded Organizational Services, Inc. in 1993 and has served as a lead meeting planner since 1988.  As a 1984 graduate of the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree and a K-12 secondary teaching certificate, she has a special understanding and passion for American educators and all professionals who strive to advance the learning experience for America’s children.  She has been the logistical partner for hundreds of meetings implemented across the U.S. for leaders of education reform in America, including public and elected officials, and for initiatives set forth by the U.S. Department of Education.

Zehnder’s strengths include shrewd negotiating skills, reducing meeting costs without compromising quality, the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and closing every loop.  She has target budgeting skills, expertise with executive protection, a hands-on project management style and pleasant professionalism, which makes her a welcome team partner to many organizations.

Stephanie Nishioka, Meeting Planner and Office Manager

Stephanie Nishioka, meetings assistant

Stephanie Nishioka joined the OSI team in 2015 and has experience planning meetings in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. She strives to create unique, memorable experiences and to make every meeting truly special. Stephanie closely watches the latest market trends, including technological advances in event planning, registration, website and conference app software. She is passionate about her work and has excellent attention to detail. Stephanie works directly with clients on conference details, maintaining event schedules for conferences and ordering audio visual equipment, food and beverages, room sets and more.

Stephanie has a proven record adhering to budgets and keeping client costs low. A shrewd negotiator, she conducts contract negotiations with venues and outside contractors. Stephanie has been successful in budget and operational management while providing leadership in the OSI office where she manages accounting, payroll, record keeping and client accounting.

She also has a proven record for finding the right space for each client group. She has relationships with countless hotels that can host groups as small as 10 attendees to as large as 2,500+ attendees with numerous exhibitors. She is a valuable team leader who works hard to ensure stress-free events for our clients. Stephanie is a graduate of Indiana University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a certificate of management accounting.

Sarah Tuckerman, Meetings Assistant

Sarah Tuckerman, meetings assistant

Sarah Tuckerman is the most recent addition to the OSI team, coming aboard in January 2016. She manages conference registration in CVENT and Joomla. Sarah is one of OSI’s primary points-of-contact for conference participants regarding the registration process and invoicing/fee collection. She performs site searches for conferences and off-site events.

Sarah shows expertise in researching and obtaining promotional items for clients and meetings within a wide variety of budgets. She is also experienced in developing conference budgets, performing event reconciliations, organizing exhibitions, managing sponsors, auditing registration/hotel reservations and managing conference materials. She is energetic, dedicated and adaptable to any situation. She works hard to exceed expectations and is a strong on-site registration and meeting manager. Sarah attended the University of North Dakota and has served on numerous boards and committees for multiple schools and charitable organizations.

Renee Felice, Meetings Assistant

Renee Felice, meetings assistant

Renée Felice joined the OSI team in October 2012. She manages conference registration at all levels, from building and customizing event websites in CVENT and Joomla to developing registration systems and reporting to facilitate attendee management. She is OSI’s primary contact for conference participants regarding the registration process and invoicing/fee collection.

In addition to her main responsibilities, Renée is also experienced in organizing exhibitions, creating and staging on-site signage, auditing registration/hotel reservations, managing conference materials and contracting outside vendors for services such as transportation, catering and off-site engagements. She is an excellent first person on the ground as a result of her continual contact with participants throughout the registration process. She is skilled, meticulous and highly motivated – an integral part of the OSI team. Renée is a University of Michigan graduate and holds a bachelor’s degree in English.

Ann Salter, Meetings Assistant

Ann Salter joined the OSI team in 2006 following a 22-year career in marketing, sales, management and advertising. She earned a degree in business marketing from Eastern Michigan University in 1984 with a concentration in advertising and communications. Her skills as a conference manager developed during her 14-year career at University Microfilms International as their international trade show manager, as a regional sales representative, the company’s first sales trainer and finally as a marketing manager. She is exceptional at multi-tasking, has excellent communication skills and is extremely methodical in her organizational skills as a result of managing hundreds of meetings and conferences worldwide. Salter has the patience and a calm personality that make her a natural at handling any challenges that occur on site with a keen sense of detail in both large and small group settings. She works well with laborers and executives. As a result of being on both sides of conference management, she specializes in managing meeting venues and offsite field trips.

Steve Bodnar, Web and Conference IT Services Partner, Geeks and Gurus

Geeks and Gurus has worked with OSI for about 15 years providing a full spectrum of audiovisual services, including laptops, projectors, microphones, amplification, live streaming, social media displays and much more. Bodnar and his team provide pre- and post-conference services, such as collecting presentation materials from speakers and creating websites to disseminate presentation materials. Geeks and Gurus is on site at every event. In addition to “typical” A/V services, the company also provides staffed speaker-ready rooms where they will work with speakers to tweak slides, test videos and calm nerves. Above all, they provide consistency and peace-of-mind. Whether they provide all the services or work with an in-house provider, Geeks and Gurus makes sure every presenter is set and ready to go.

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